Accounting Services

Set up of Books and Records

Whether you are starting up a new company or have the desire to have a cloud based financial system we can help you.

Management of Books and Records

We will partner with you and manage your books entirely or in partnership with your team.

Bookkeeping – Full Charge

We have experienced professionals who can handle the daily bookkeeping processes and take care of your business needs.

Compliance Management

Each business has a varying degree of government and regulatory compliance. We will make sure that this is taken care of and guide you through this effort.

Sales, Use, and Property Tax Returns

State, county, and local tax compliance is necessary and we have the systems and programs to administer this.

Payroll Processing – Complete

We can manage the payroll process with your current provider or set up and administer a payroll solution that provides payments to employees, tax payments, and financial information.

Financial Analysis and KPI Reporting

Knowing your financial metrics and drivers is imperative to each business and obtaining real time data is paramount to success. We use Business Intelligence and Virtual Data Management solutions.

Paperless Document Management

Having paperless processes is obtainable and can be inexpensive even for the smallest business. We have several years experience helping businesses reduce paper, obtain real time information, and eliminating manual processes.

Business Systems and Best Practices

As businesses grow there is a need to document processes and also determine if the current processes are consistent with best business practices. We can help your business look internally and implement a “reset” strategy as needed.

Business Services

CFO – On Demand

CFO professionals that are well versed in business in many areas can be quite valuable and insightful. We have the experience and knowledge to help you routinely or as you need to help guide your business.

Controller – On Demand

We support businesses that may not have a controller and provide training and mentoring with current accounting staff and leadership. It is our goal to make the accounting group better and help the company achieve superb results.

Business Startup and Reorganization

Whether you need to startup a business or change the structure we can provide choices and help implement strategy.

Business Assessment and Advisory

If you have the need to look at your business or an external business we have the tools and experience to provide the information and advisory services at the detail level through the highest strategic levels.

Merger & Acquisition Consulting

When it is time for M&A having a trusted business partner that can provide advisory services, due diligence, and integration is critical to having successful results. We can provide M&A services based on your needs whether it is reviewing information or providing project management experience.

Accountant and Bookkeeper

On Demand – Our team can provide all levels of accounting support whether it is periodically or recurring.

Indirect Rate Management and Consulting

With more than sixteen years experience in A/E/C firms we can help your firm implement new indirect rates or provide expert advisory services on your current structure.

Government Compliance

We have extensive experience with federal and local government compliance platforms and issues. We can provide assistance with your current and future needs.

Contracting and Negotiations

Significant contracting efforts and daily contract negotiations can be overwhelming. We can review your needs and help with creating programs that ensure compliance and desired results.

International Business Consulting

If your business is currently operating internationally or you are planning to do so, let us help you with the steps and consideration points. There are critical foundational processes that will protect your company financially and legally.

Multistate Business Consulting

Understanding compliance and business risks when operating outside of your home state is needed. We can provide helpful decision points and best business practice advice.

Ownership Transition

Every business has an ownership transition event during the life of the business. Having a planned transition is an essential path toward success and sustaining factor. We can walk you through various choices and help you decide on a plan that fits your personal and company needs.

Technology Services

Business Technology Consulting

Businesses have various technology platforms. It is good business practice to understand how you leverage the technology and obtain the best value for the costs of the technology. We have experience analyzing technology and business practices. We can assist with specific objectives up to company wide processes.

Accounting Systems Consulting

Accounting systems can be complicated and time consuming. Whether you are preparing for an accounting system change or need help with maximizing your current system we can help you and your staff achieve the expected outcomes.

Technology Integration and Best Practices

Our staff has years of experience with technology conversion programs and leading projects. We can assist your team or be the project manager.

Vendor Consulting

Experience with vetting a company and administering a selection program is time consuming and costly to productivity. Let us manage the process and help you select your next business partner.

Project Management

We have more than twenty years experience as project manager of various training programs, integration programs, and business process changes. We can lead training and process changes with your team or when your internal capacity is not available.

Integration/APIs/Cloud Technology

Integration of data from various data sources

  • API (Application Protocol Interface) review and integration services
  • Cloud technology application and systems advisory services

Business Intelligence (Data, Dashboards, BI Tools)

The future of business is DATA and how to collect, process, and report in critical to the business. We can help analyze your systems and recommend solutions that will help operations and corporate management/staff.

We provided clients with dashboards, KPIs, and other key business metrics in many different platforms and styles.

Assessing the proper BI (Business Intelligence) Tool is a must-have for today’s organization. We can help provide insight and options.

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